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"The bags under my eyes are not from lack of sleep, but from questions unanswered."

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Gallon Drunk - You Should Be Ashamed

Goddamn they’re so underrated. I’m thinking this performance happened sometime around 1993.


Band: Gallon Drunk
Album: The Soul of the Hour
Year: 2014

Gallon Drunk it’s an English band that has been around since 1988, their first studio album it’s from 1992 and their most recent LP was released back in March 10 this year. Their sound it’s dark by excellence, or at least that’s what I can perceive.

The album it’s titled The Soul of the Hour. Led by a haunting piano it opens with Before the Fire slowly evolving into an overwhelming sound and chances are it will get you almost immediately. The Soul of the Hour it’s a psychedelic track which turns everything dark and dizzy, while the use of the organ in Dust in the Light gives this track a mysterious touch, making it gentle and melancholic.

Dark, enigmatic and captivating. The Soul of the Hour it’s another good one recommended.